Drink Voodoo



Voodoo was first launched in Goa, in October 2009, amidst great applause and appreciation. The product received acclaim for its superior quality combined with its attractive pricing. Voodoo also broke the rules of a classic cream liqueur, by moving from its place as purely an after dinner drink to a pre-dinner choice/meal accompaniment, credited to its smoothness and versatility. For the first time a cream liqueur was being enjoyed as a shot, a cocktail and a desert, all at the same time! People could now enjoy Voodoo on the rocks, Voodoo drizzled over ice-cream or on a wicked wedge of chocolate cake…and in a diabolical range of cocktails guaranteed to give people the ride of their lives! What people noticed, was the absence of a hangover after a Voodoo night – one more reason they reached for another glass, and another…