Drink Voodoo



It is early morning and the Voodoo team is all ready to receive the fresh delivery of thick, rich cream, skimmed off the finest milk. The cream is tasted and tested, because the stipulated quality and consistency is necessary to ensure a harmonious and seamless blend of cream with alcohol. Our state of the art machines are now pressed into action and the delicate process of Voodoo preparation commences under high pressure triple homogenization at 250 bar, where, the fresh cream bonds with rectified spirit, whiskey flavouring, glucose syrup and emulsifying agents. Emulsifying components that travel all the way from Italy, are then used to infuse this combination with its unsurpassed taste and superior stability.

The process of bottling is handled at Adinco distilleries in Goa where Dr. Sandro has trained experts to oversee the entire manufacture and bottling routine to ascertain that every drop of magic is retained in each dark, alluring bottle of Voodoo. With 20 years of research on cream liqueurs, Dr. Sandro takes the Voodoo manufacturing process to a whole new level of proficiency.