Drink Voodoo



Melt into VOODOO. Feel it drop by drop on the tip of your tongue. Roll it around your palate, savour its creamy smoothness…and feel it fire your senses – gently and evocatively. This is bewitchment in a class by itself!

Brought to you by Adinco and Nouveau, with the technical expertise of Dr. Sandro Pontillo of Flavour Chimica, Italy, the Voodoo ritual begins with the blending of cream, freshly obtained from the finest dairies, with other exotic ingredients, hand selected for quality. Rectified spirit and rich whiskey contribute their flavours to this irresistible blend, even as an advanced process of homogenization and emulsification ensure the exquisite quality. Finally, the spell is cast as flavour and smoothness merge with the dark secrets of a tradition as old as time itself – bottling magic which will excite, enchant and captivate you, even as it leads you to a new discovery of yourself.

Submit to Voodoo magic delicately chilled or temptingly on the rocks. Drink it straight or fire up a cocktail with its sensational creamy allure. Whichever way you choose to experience it, it is always sublime!