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Evolution of Voodoo

The creation and evolution of VOODOO involved many stages. The first was the moment of realization when its dynamic creator – Harish Reddy undertook a market study of the Indian Liquor Scenario, as part of his MBA course at Rutgers Business School in the U.S.A. Shortly thereafter, a providential trip to Italy brought him in contact with Dr. Sandro Pontillo, Founder of Flavour Chimica, Italy. The result was the establishment of a startup company Nouveau Impex Pvt Ltd with his close confidant, Mr. T. Raghavendra Chary. The main inspiration was their shared love and passion for cream liqueurs and the absence of any such product domestically.

The escalating party culture in their homeland was the next trigger, together with the awareness and appreciation of liqueurs that most well travelled Indians brought home with them. For two young entrepreneurs, the scene was set for the advent of a home grown liqueur with all the class, finesse and flavour that discerning connoisseurs look for.

Bringing in the expertise of Dr. Sandro Pontillo determined the success of the product as Dr. Sandro contributed a rich background of over 15 years of indepth research into Cream Liqueurs. Using his vast knowledge of both the product and the worldwide market, and tapping into his tested skills in combining flavours and bases, Harish and Chary were able to take Voodoo to the next level. The result was a winner!

The next stage of the creation of Voodoo was the sourcing of the finest ingredients to prepare a blend worthy of the most discerning palate. Cream being the main base, the young entrepreneurs ensured that there would be no compromise on the quality. The meticulous selection of only the best dairy farms was therefore crucial; to ensure that the milk they produced was rich, thick and creamy, meeting the required FDA standards.

Once the cream is harvested, it is sent to the Distillery where it is infused with the magic that defines the texture and appeal of the final product. Compounds and emulsifiers imported from Italy along with dark caramel and other flavors are some of the ingredients that give Voodoo its fatal charm, even as an advanced process of homogenization and emulsification ensures the incomparable quality. The entire process of preparation is conducted in the premises of Adinco Distilleries, Goa under the guidance of Dr. Sandro. Adinco Distilleries has been in the liquor trade for over three decades.

Adinco Distilleries, established in 1970, is now headed by three dynamic brothers – young achievers whose love for exotic liqueurs brought them together with Nouveau Impex, who entered into an agreement with them in 2009 and turned their dream of producing a cream Liqueur into a reality.

Apart from VOODOO, Nouveau Impex Pvt Ltd is also going to market other liqueurs like CABO coconut Liqueur with white rum and Jazz Blue Vodka in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Cabo and Jazz Blue Vodka are brands owned by Adinco Distilleries.

Harish Reddy
MBA – Rutgers Business School, U.S.A.
Managing Director


T. Raghavendra Chary
MBA University of Utah, USA
Head, Business Development


Dr. Sandro Pontillo
Flavor chimica, Italy


Solomon Diniz